Four Grants Awarded

For the past 13 weeks, a quiet wave of transformation has been rippling through the School of Medicine. Using the Open Proposals platform, nearly 110 participants debated, commented and voted on ideas to develop and deploy technology in transformational ways to make a significant contribution to research, clinical, administrative and educational excellence.

With $100K on the line, the process started with 36 initial ideas from a wide range of departments and backgrounds. 11 of these were selected for full proposal development, and a committee* led by Dixie Horning identified four proposals for funding. These finalist represent a wide range of goals, from using commercially available fitness trackers in cognitive assessments to creating a new app for symptom management, adding features and content to an quality improvement initiative based on gamification, and using LinkedIn data to help illustrate career paths for PhDs. Use the links below to find more information about these projects and their deliverables.

Two other ideas including one for a Global Health database of training opportunities and a Unified API received strong praise from the committee and recommendations for funding outside of this grant process.

SOM Transform by the numbers

The idea for the grant emerged from discussions last year on how to ensure the School of Medicine continues to use technology in innovative ways. The Open Proposals platform was chosen to streamline the grant process and enable input from the school community. A committee with representation from throughout the school encouraged the submission of ideas that were bold, impactful, viable and sustainable, as well as collaborative and cross-cultural.

As the grant’s sponsor, Vice Dean Michael Hindery, observed:

Reading and evaluating so many good ideas has been energizing for the community. We are certainly well positioned to leverage technology better within the school after this process.”

The teams behind each proposal will be reporting out at three and six months. As the projects move forward, look here for updates and keep your eyes out for next year’s call as the grant heads to its second year.

*Dixie Horning, Executive Director, Center of Excellence, Committee Chair
George Su, MD Assistant Professor
Kevin, Souza, MS Associate Dean, Medical Education
Theresa O'Brien, PhD, Associate Dean, Research Strategy
Katherine Williams, PhD, Assistant Professor
Joe Speidel, MD, MPH, Professor
Arup Roy-Burman, MD Associate Professor
Sandrijn VanSchaik, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Aaron Neinstein, MD, Assistant Professor
Edwin Martin, Director, (Interim), ISU
Beth Berrean, Deputy Director, Design and Discovery