Liz Silva engaged ISU as a partner in the Motivating INformed Decisions, or MIND Program. In the long-term, her goal is to change the culture at UCSF so that trainees can more openly and effectively pursue the career trajectories of their choice. In the short term, her goal is to create, deliver, and test the effectiveness of a comprehensive career development intervention (Motivating INformed Decisions or "UCSF MIND" program) for early stage graduate students, postdocs, and their mentors, through intentionally targeting specific knowledge gaps and motivational gaps that impede the career decision making process. 

During the discovery phase the ISU team created this journey map to help define the partner experience. 

Personal Development

Personal Development

Build an online tool that allows Trainees (PhD's, Postdocs) to search for Partners to contact for mentorship. The tool will collect data from the Partners, the Trainees, and the MIND Program Team and track the progress through the MIND Program Team process. 

MINDbank Intake Forms

Translating sketches to forms, ISU built a partner in-take and management tool in Salesforce to support the program. 


MINDbank Admin Interface

ISU built the application that manages trainees and partners.  To support the new program, ISU worked with MIND staff to design new flows and figure out ways to automate their work. The MINDbank team accesses and manages trainees and partners through this Salesforce application. Trainees have a limited view of the database of potential available partners for informational interviews. If the interview happens, trainees fill out a feedback form that this is also fed into the admin interface. 

MINDbank Public Site

ISU helped design and build a public website for MINDbank that presents aggregate data, available to anyone seeking information about careers outside of academia for medical graduates and postdocs. Collected data also supports trainees enrolled in catalytic coursework who are navigating their professional paths through presenting a richer, more comprehensive database.