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Communications Coordinator
UCSF Chancellor/EVC/FAS
Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost

"Getting the right message out at the right time to UCSF's faculty, staff and students has been a decade long focus of mine. With the Exact Target project, I now have a much better understanding of what's working. ISU helped connect my vision with reality."

Brenda Gee DePeralta reports to Janhavi Bonville, assistant EVCP and Chief of Staff, as communications coordinator. Over the past twenty-two years, Brenda has worked in the School of Nursing, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Admission and Registrar, and Graduate Division. She has twelve years of experience in strategic communication and information work flows in both the Offices of the Chancellor and EVCP.

Her current role as communications coordinator within the EVCP organization includes:

  • Managing executive correspondence for the Chancellor and EVCP
  • Developing communication protocols
  • Ensuring campus obligations in regard to the California Public Records Act (§6250)