Thanks for your interest in working with ISU.

Please email us with inquiries at: somisumanagers@ucsf.edu or call us at

Who we are:

ISU is primarily funded by the School of Medicine with additional funding coming from the Clinical Systems of the Medical Center and CDHI. 

Leadership and Management: Ed Martin, Kristin Chu and Beth Berrean

ISU's leadership team is your main point of contact for complex technical issues as well as insights on current trends and thinking.  Our team is a blend of people with extensive knowledge and experience with the inner workings of UCSF along with newer members to UCSF who bring expertise from other technical institutions and organizations.

ISU consists of a mix of designers, technologists and project managers (SCRUM Masters) with multifaceted, cross-role skill sets. We have access to and relationships with numerous outside agencies and contractors which allows us to fulfill a broad set of needs.

How we work



As a department that supports the School of Medicine, ISU typically provides 8-10 hours of initial consulting to understand the scope of a project. We're happy to offer advice at any time but dedicated software development or design is recharged at an hourly basis.