Exact Target

Identifying an unmet need to improve email communications, ISU brought UCSF communicators together to leverage Exact Target, a modern email and campaign tool. Exact target enables users to target the right message to the right person at the right time. Reaching specific targeted audiences eliminated broad messages on narrow topics and gave communicators at UCSF greater control over communications. 

Exact Target also provided communicators with the tools necessary to improve the reach and efficacy of their communications. New capabilities include the ability to: unsubscribe, track data and track engagement through   monitoring faculty email open and read rates.  Developing a deeper understanding of these correspondences results in increased reach to the right audience. Giving communicators access to live data allowed them to double their reach for the Pulse newsletter to 39K. 

Greater control over design also gave communicators the ability to increase brand compliance and create more elegant, appealing messaging.