Faster Organizational Change

Partner Liz Silva, MSC, PHD

MIND Program Manager
E Office of Career and Prof

"Developing an experimental program and figuring out the best way to manage the data required a technology partner that was both nimble and comfortable with ambiguity. ISU worked with us every step of the way to figure out how to best amplify our reach." 

Liz Silva manages a new career exploration program at UCSF called Motivating INformed Decisions (MIND). MIND is one of 17 experimental programs across the country funded by the Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) award, working to develop, evaluate, and disseminate programs and interventions that ultimately aim to change the culture of biomedical training in the US. In her role at MIND, Liz works with students and postdocs, but also with faculty, administration, other institutions, and with the NIH to understand the needs and concerns around training and to propose solutions that can be implemented more broadly.

Prior to her current position at UCSF, Liz was a Senior Editor at PLOS ONE, the world’s largest scientific journal. There she worked with 40+ publication staff to assist authors, reviewers and the PLOS ONE Editorial Board (4000+ worldwide) to ensure submissions were considered in line with publication criteria, she considered issues relating to research and publishing ethics, and she developed and implemented policies that sought to make research findings and knowledge available more quickly, and to more people, for the benefit of scientific advancement.

In addition to her work on the MIND Program, Liz has served as a panelist/speaker on a variety of topics in science, research and education policy, including: reproducibility in research, ethical conduct in research and publishing, research communication and publishing for scientists, career exploration and professional development for PhDs, and issues related to the roles of PhD trainees in the biomedical workforce and in academia. Liz trained as a geneticist and developmental biologist in Canada, the UK and the US, working on a variety of biological problems using Drosophila as a model system. Most recently she was a postdoc at UCSF in the department of Biochemistry and Biophysics.