Arup first engaged the ISU team 3 years ago with a vision about improving patient care at UCSF. His initial idea has evolved into a multifaceted platform called HealthForce, that encourages communication and collaboration between individuals, wards, and units at the University. Throughout this iterative process, the ISU team has provided design and technical expertise that dovetail with and enhance his data-driven exploration. Each phase has built on the learnings and insights derived from last leading to the implementation of a series of related products that are shifting the culture and business processes at UCSF.   


Arup noticed that communication was siloed within individual professions and saw an opportunity for greater dialogue and transparency through Chatter. Drawing on research about gamification motivating engagement, Arup's first step was driving the adoption of Chatter through gamifying it.  Three units at UCSF's Benioff Children's Hospital piloted Chatter, an enterprise social network, so he created a competition between them to encourage people to put up their picture, create a post, and like a post. 


ISU also developed the Recognition program to help spur Chatter Adoption. When thinking about Recognition, Arup describes Chatter as a grocery store where it is easy to buy flowers, to recognize a peer's good work. Creating a centralized platform for various related tasks that support good performance is a theme that continues to develop throughout ISU's work with Arup. 



ISU translated existing guidelines for CLABSI prevention into a self-service checklist/survey. Informational videos are embedded in the self-assessments to inform or remind clinicians of best practices at the time of handling the infection.  ISU also gamified completion of those checklists by units, to encourage participation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.34.15 PM.png

Microlearning/ Video Libraries

Finally, ISU added a mobile micro-learning platform to encourage knowledge sharing. The design and vision for this platform is set up to handle a diverse archive of video resources. 

Currently, ISU is conducting usability testing on HealthForce and partnering with Arup to design a second self-assessment tool for C diff.